Ashkenaz is a charitable non-profit organization and produces its biennial festival as a community service.

Most festival programming is available FREE to the public, making high quality Jewish arts fully accessible to youth, students, seniors, young families, and low-income groups.

The world-class quality of Ashkenaz is recognized by generous support from the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, and from all levels of government through competitive granting programs.  But this is only a third of the equation.

We need your help to continue to produce the outstanding programming you’ve come to expect from us.  We cannot produce the festival without the support of individuals in our community, people who believe in Ashkenaz’s mission to support the preservation and evolution of Yiddish and Jewish culture. In the great Jewish tradition of “tzedakah,” individual donors provide Ashkenaz with the vital resources to present a world-class festival celebrating the beauty and richness of Yiddish and Jewish culture, ensuring its survival for generations to come.

Your support allows us to provide over 60,000 music and arts enthusiasts with direct access to renowned international performers and outstanding local and regional talent.  Ashkenaz has also been instrumental in the careers of many musicians and artists working in Jewish traditions and continues to support emerging talent through performance opportunities, workshops, and special commissions.

Ashkenaz offers a variety of patron benefits to its valued donors.  All patrons receive a charitable tax receipt and acknowledgement in our Festival Program Book and website.  Every donation also comes with the nakhes of knowing that you have helped bring to life this wonderful event, and have supported Jewish culture, internationally and in our own community.


Volunteer throughout the year

There are many rewarding year-round volunteer opportunities available at Ashkenaz, including front of house (ticketing, ushering), street team marketing (flyering, postering) and general office administration. Volunteers are required to arrive 45 minutes to an hour before an event or show begins. As a volunteer, you can also receive complementary entry to Ashkenaz events at which you are working.

We appreciate your interest and would love to have you join our volunteer team, this month or in future. To sign up or for more info, please email or call 416-979-9955.

Volunteer at the Ashkenaz Festival

The Ashkenaz Festival depends on the skills and energy of a diverse and committed group of volunteers. Whether you’re an Ashkenaz die-hard or it’s your first time at the festival, there is a volunteer contribution that you can certainly make! We hope that whatever your age and stage, you will consider joining our fun and rewarding volunteer team.

Click Here to Volunteer at the 2022 Festival

welcoming performers, assisting with stage managing, helping patrons to their seats during ticketed events

working with Ashkenaz staff to transfer important materials or information between the festival site to the on-site Ashkenaz office, as well attending to last-minute urgent needs of artists and audience members

Information Desk Attendants
the welcoming and friendly face of the festival: on-hand to engage with audience members who need advice on what to see, and where to see it

Workshop Assistants
for family programming, instrument workshops, parade support

Volunteer Drivers
Using own car to do airport pick-ups; material collection; general helpful schlepping

Click Here to Volunteer at the 2022 Festival

Ashkenaz is proud and grateful to be supported by

Zukerman Family Foundation

Rosalie & Isadore Sharp

Moses, Libby & Sam Znaimer



Isadore & Rosalie Sharp

The Zukerman Family Foundation


Moses, Libby and Sam Znaimer

Alan Weinbaum


The Wagner Green Family Trust

Philip Gold & Molly Shainfarber Charitable Foundation

The Emerald Foundation


Nathan and Lily Silver Family Foundation


Ron and Heather Hoffman

Warren Kimel

Sharon Weintraub

Allan and Ellen Rosenbluth

The DH Gales Family Charitable Foundation of Toronto

Linda Frum

Sabrina and Rudy Barell


Sheila Engel Cohen

Sheila Zane

Howard Tanenbaum 

Shockett Yiddish Teachers Training Fund at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto

Paul Hahn & Co. 

Simcha & Freda Simchovitch Fund for Yiddish Education and Culture at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto


Kurt Tutter

Leslie Klein & Toby Rose

Guter Fraynt

Wittmann Canada

John McKenzie

Marilyn Herbert

Ilana Hirt

Sharon Love

Robyn and Saul Quint

Rena and Yehuda Nickerson

Charles Burns

Benjamin Barakin

Michael Miloff

Adrian and Mara Barell


Rochelle Zucker 

Michael Benarroch

Sara Faerman

David Wintre

Sol Hermolin


Freda Gottesman-Brinder

Kim Beemer

Ellen Drazner

Irina Farb

Bretona Goldstein

Dan Hancu

Jack and Judy Winberg

Daniel Prodan

Gabriel Soreanu

Peter Szasz

Mark Wintet

Linda Litwack

Anthony Usher

Marvin Kates