August 30th to September 5th 2022

Winner of the Audience Award at the Jerusalem Film Festival and nominated for fourteen Ophir Awards (Israeli Oscars) including Best Film.
Photographed in a shtetl that the production team constructed outside of Kyiv, this single-shot film is entirely in Yiddish.
Director Laura Bialis (Rock in the Red Zone) and producers Nancy Spielberg and Roberta Grossman (Above and Beyond, Who Will Write Our History) take us on a journey through the various chapters in the life of photographer Roman Vishniac.
Category Music
Pulkes is a Balkan-Klezmer band that was formed in 2018 within the walls of the city of Jerusalem. The band has already performed in a variety of festivals around the country and around the world. : InDNegev, Expo 2020-Dubai, Tower of David, festivals tour in Canada and more.